Henna Design

henna, painted hand, henna design, henna painting, woman's hand with henna   Beautifully painted henna hand. If you like, watch a video special for woman.   Magdalena (movie is in Dari language)


Pashto Glasawunkai

Good video in Pashto about teachings of Hazarat Isa al Masih. Teaching uses pictures showing Maryam and angel and others to tell the history.

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For more Pashto videos see:



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Afghan Fashion and House of Peace

I am adding new link to my blog roll on Royah’s Afghanistan fashions. It is nice to see that at least outside of Afghanistan, Afghan women can dress contemporary and still be modest and honoring. If you like fashion check out Royah’s website…link in blogroll.

If you want honor God in a peaceful house,

click here to view video called Kolbe Safa.